Child Themes for Genesis Top 10 Dec 2011

Top Ten Child Themes for GenesisTop Child Themes for Genesis

Each month, StudioPress shares their most popular Child Themes for Genesis with the Child Theme Store. So, without further ado, here are the top ten hottest and best selling child themes for Genesis in December 2011. We thing they are awesome as everyone who purchased them!

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – AgentPress w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy AgentPress” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]1. AgentPress
Boasting 5 color styles, smart homepage designs, IDX integration and simplified posting options for listings, AgentPress child theme for Genesis continues to lead StudioPress themes charge. Check out the AgentPress showcase to see how smart real estate professionals are letting Genesis work for them.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – News” w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy News” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]2. News
Savvy publishers know that the key to content-heavy sites is simple, yet stunning, navigation. The News child theme for Genesis offers that and more for publishers of every type of media.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – Enterprise” w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy Enterprise” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]3. Enterprise
The Enterprise child theme theme for Genesis offers a professional frame for corporate-style sites, giving you the approachability you desire and the trustworthy image you require.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – Lifestyle w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy Lifestyle” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]4. Lifestyle
The Lifestyle child theme for Genesis never ceases to amaze even the guys over at StudioPress. People are using this flexible theme for every kind of site imaginable, and considering the number of design options provided, Lifestyle doesn’t  seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – Magazine” w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy Magazine” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]5. Magazine
When you have a ton of content and need a sleek way to organize it on your site, the Magazine child theme for Genesis is an excellent choice. With lots of customization options and easy navigation, your content is free to steal the spotlight.

The final 5 Child Themes for Genesis

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Genesis Child Theme – Generate” w=”625″ h=”300″ descrlink=”” descr=”Read Review”]6. Generate
If this theme had another day or two to sell, StudioPress tells me it would have likely made the Top 5. Released last month to rave reviews, Generate child theme for Genesis is the theme to use if you’re serious about growing your email list.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – Associate” w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy Associate” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]7. Associate
When your company’s image is on the line, you need to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. The Associate child theme for Genesis empowers you to do just that.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – Modern Blogger” w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy Modern Blogger” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]8. Modern Blogger
A strong seller since its introduction, the Modern Blogger child theme for Genesis – by 3rd party developer Lindsey Riel, marries comfortable design with modern sensibilities.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – Minimum” w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy Minimum” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]9. Minimum
Sometimes less really is more. The popularity of Minimum child theme for Genesis proves that solid content with great navigation, can be all you need.

[snap url=”” link=”” alt=”Child Theme – Driskill” w=”625″ h=”300″ title=”Buy Driskill” descrlink=”” descr=”Learn More…”]10. Driskill
Separating the best from the rest is the Driskill child theme for Genesis by Bill Erickson, another 3rd party developer. Clean and contemporary, it’s no surprise this is used for both personal and professional sites of all kinds.

We hope that you have enjoyed this month’s Top 10 report for December 2011 and look forward to the competition to find out which child themes for Genesis will rank the highest this month.

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