Expansion-Blue Child theme for Builder

Expansion-Blue Child Theme for Builder Review

Expansion-Blue Child Theme for BuilderExpansion-Blue Child Theme was designed and developed by Justin Kopepasah. Justin claims to be Cascade crusader and WordPress junkie growing with @iThemes team and a life-time learner. He was the lead developer for the Exspansion-Blue Child Theme.

I expected only a simple color exchange from the original Expansion Child Theme with Expansion-Blue Child Theme. I was pleasantly surprised that although the colors are obviously exchanged and there are similarities, the differences are dramatic.

The color pallet of Expansion-Blue Child Theme is, of course, blue. It has has a white-colored, patterned, paper-looking, weave-textured background. The navigation bar is a blue gradient, with a solid dark teal hover color. Main titles are still dark gray and widget area titles reflect a medium toned teal. Expansion-Blue Child Theme, like the original Expansion has 3 alternate widget styles. The first is a dark gray background with white text. Secondly, there is a white background with dark text. The patterned paper-weave background, with dark text within white back-grounded widget areas, is the third option. Another feature Expansion-Blue Child Theme shares with the original theme release is the date stamp that adjusts location to accommodate your page layout options.

The Expansion-Blue Child Theme is best suited for businesses.

Expansion-Blue Child Theme Design and Style Features

  • Custom-styled date stamp for blog entries
  • High-contrast design
  • Strong, simple and clean edges
  • Chivo Google web font used for Headlines (H tags)
  • Fjord One Google web font used for the body copy
  • Nested Comments
  • 3 alternate widget styles:

dark text on a white/light background
light text on dark/black background
boxed in widgets on a textured background

Expansion-Blue Child Theme Features Inherited from iThemes Builder

  • Builder’s powerful layout editor:

Header Modules – Offer an easy-to-configure header for your site using basic WordPress general title and tagline settings.

Image Modules – Add an image to your layout as a static header or other image just to spice up your layout.

Navigation  Modules– Add a horizontal navigation bar. Category and Page navigation controlled within Builder or choose WordPress Pages. Use of the WordPress custom menus are also available.

Content  Modules – Add a place for your content to render. You can choose 1 or 2 right, 1 or 2 left, split or no sidebars in the content module of your layout.

HTML Modules – Add freeform HTML to your layout. HTML Modules support the use of shortcodes and execution of PHP code.

Widget Bar Modules – A widget area to contain one to five widget locations.

Footer Modules – Add a place for the footer to render.

  • Built-in Google Analytics tracking
  • Built-in Woopra tracking
  • Built-in text area inputs to manually add JavaScript code either inside the head tag or in the site’s footer.
  • Favicon options:

Choose from a set of provided images
Upload your own favicon
Use the active child theme’s Favicon image
Don’t use a Favicon image

  • Ability to create and manage widget areas
  • Customize comments settings
  • Duplicate Sidebar Widget allows for easy duplication of another sidebar’s widgets
  • Custom Post type called Widget Content that allows for easy creation of content that can be added to a widget area using the Widget Content widget.
  • Built in custom coding, styling and JavaScript to enhance specific plugins.
  • Extensions – mini-themes that can be applied to any one or combination of Layouts or Views.
  • A “Builder” entry to the WordPress Admin Bar
  • Style Manager Plugin
  • Builder SEO Plugin

[snap url=”http://demos.ithemes.com/expansion-blue/” link=”http://childthemestore.com/Expansion-Blue” alt=”Builder Expansion Child Theme” w=”270″ h=”200″ title=”Buy Expansion-Blue” descrlink=”http://childthemestore.com/Expansion-Blue” descr=”Demo Expansion-Blue”]Expansion-Blue Child Theme and many more child themes are available through the Child Theme Store.

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