Expansion Builder Child Theme

Expansion Child Theme for Builder Review

Expansion Child ThemeExpansion Child Theme was designed and developed by the iThemes Builder development team. Cody Smith and Justin Kopepasah were the lead developers.

This new Builder Child Theme has unique features to help set it apart from all other child themes. The default color pallet of Expansion has a light-green textured background and green gradient, navigation bar. Primary titles are dark gray and the widget area titles are green. The dark gray can be found as one of the alternate widget background colors and a lighter gray is also used in sidebar menu links. Depending on your sidebar settings (right, left, or split), Expansion’s date stamp adjusts location to accommodate your page layout.

Expansion Child Theme Design and Style Features

  • Custom-styled date stamp for blog entries
  • High-contrast design
  • Strong, simple and clean edges
  • Chivo Google web font used for Headlines (H tags)
  • Fjord One Google web font used for the body copy
  • Nested Comments
  • 3 alternate widget styles:

dark text on a white/light background
light text on dark/black background
boxed in widgets on a textured background

Expansion Child Theme Features Inherited from iThemes Builder

  • Builder’s powerful layout editor:

Header Modules – Offer an easy-to-configure header for your site using basic WordPress general title and tagline settings.

Image Modules – Add an image to your layout as a static header or other image just to spice up your layout.

Navigation  Modules– Add a horizontal navigation bar. Category and Page navigation controlled within Builder or choose WordPress Pages. Use of the WordPress custom menus are also available.

Content  Modules – Add a place for your content to render. You can choose 1 or 2 right, 1 or 2 left, split or no sidebars in the content module of your layout.

HTML Modules – Add freeform HTML to your layout. HTML Modules support the use of shortcodes and execution of PHP code.

Widget Bar Modules – A widget area to contain one to five widget locations.

Footer Modules – Add a place for the footer to render.

  • Built-in Google Analytics tracking
  • Built-in Woopra tracking
  • Built-in text area inputs to manually add JavaScript code either inside the head tag or in the site’s footer.
  • Favicon options:

Choose from a set of provided images
Upload your own favicon
Use the active child theme’s Favicon image
Don’t use a Favicon image

  • Ability to create and manage widget areas
  • Customize comments settings
  • Duplicate Sidebar Widget allows for easy duplication of another sidebar’s widgets
  • Custom Post type called Widget Content that allows for easy creation of content that can be added to a widget area using the Widget Content widget.
  • Built in custom coding, styling and JavaScript to enhance specific plugins.
  • Extensions – mini-themes that can be applied to any one or combination of Layouts or Views.
  • A “Builder” entry to the WordPress Admin Bar
  • Style Manager Plugin
  • Builder SEO Plugin

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