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Headway Child Themes – Are you Waiting?

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Since Headway 3.0 was released, Headway Themes has set some lofty goals for creating the upgrade path for the “old” Headway Theme and the release of the new Headway Child Themes. They had intended to make an an easy upgrade from 2.0.13 to Headway 3.0. Since then, there have been several updates to version 3.0. Unfortunately, there have been other issues that pushed back the time frame to get out the upgrade path for the Headway 2.0.13 version.

Interestingly, within the community, it appears that websites continue to be developed with 2.0.13. That actually does not surprise me – being that most of us users tend to typically do what we can with what we have and make the best of things. Many of the 2.0.13 version users are taking advantage of this wait time to update the designs of their websites from version 2.0.13 to version 3.0.5. Again, somehow that does not surprise me. Obviously, this might not be possible for everyone to do, but it is refreshing to to see it being done and know that it is it is possible.

What about the Headway Child Themes?

Headway Themes has also been trying to work on getting the Headway Child Themes marketplace up and running. I am told that Headway Themes does, in fact, actually have several new blocks and child themes ready to go but they still have not found a solution to how they want to distribute them. Headway Themes speculated that setting up the child theme marketplace and the configuring the distribution process would not take much time if they used one of the available e-commerece plugins. However, they soon discovered that the plugin of choice, as well as the other existing plugins would need too much customization to work the way they wanted. It was determined that a better solution would be to just build their own system. This is causing yet another unfortunate delay in getting the child theme marketplace up and running.

So what does this mean for all of us who purchased or are already using Headway Themes products? Well, here is the good news:  The support for the 2.0.13 version users is being extended. You might be wondering for how long?  For now, indefinitely. As far as the rest of us who now have the new Headway 3.0+ theme version – we continue to await (still mostly excitedly) for the release of the new Headway Child Themes.

How Long Will We Wait for Headway Child Themes?

So, is having to wait bad news? I guess, it depends on your perspective.

Like the many Headway 2.0.13 version users who continue to develop, I encourage all of the new Headway 3.0+ users to take advantage of the time and be productive. Why not create some of your own child themes?

Don’t wait for things to happen, make things happen!

And let me know if you are interested in making your Headway Child Themes available in the Child Theme Store.

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