Headway Child Themes

Headway Child Themes Get New Parent

Many in the WordPress and Headway communities have been mercilessly teased with hints and sneak-peek videos about the release of Headway 3 and the New Headway Child Themes. When the Headway 3 beta became available for those with developer licenses only, the beta copies flew off the virtual shelves and the testers found that Headway 3 not only lived up to the hype, it surpassed it. Within a week of the Headway 3 release, the development team already provided their community with a new and improved version to squash some of the minor bugs that all new themes experience with their original release.

The New Parent Theme for Headway Child Themes

Headway 3 is designed to be able to create websites without ever having to write a single line of code. It can be used as an an easy to understand standalone theme to design any kind of website. Headway 3.0 is also the fast, code base framework that powers all of the Headway Themes. When child themes are developed they are based off of and use the features of Headway 3.

The Features that All Headway Child Themes Inherit

  • Child theme framework or stand alone theme
  • “Plain-English” documentation

Theme codex
Text tutorials
Video Tutorials

  • Powerful search engine optimization
  • Blocks can hold whatever you want:

Content (the Loop)
Widget Areas (Sidebars) and more…

  • Click and drag to design Blocks
  • Drag and drop to arrange, re-arrange, size or re-size Blocks
  • Customizable Block options
  • Live WYSIWYG visual editor
  • Headway Design Mode to set:

rounded corners

  • Built-in robust suite of SEO options including SEO feature rel=author for author links (no need for additional plugins)

Site wide SEO options
On Page/Post SEO title and meta tag options
Multiple Page SEO options
3rd Party SEO plugin compatibility
Word count for SEO option
Built-in live search engine result preview
On each Page/Post indexing and following SEO options

  • Live CSS editor

syntax color-coding
Blocks API for developers

  • Headway Marketplace

child themes
custom blocks

  • Proactive and helpful community
  • Strong professional forum support
  • Active social network interaction
  • Blog

Headway Child Themes and Headway 3Headway Child Themes, as well as other framework child themes are all available through the Child Theme Store. Did you know that that you can often save money when you use discount codes through the Child Theme Store? Check the Child Theme Store sidebar for any discount codes available for your Headway Child Themes purchases.