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Headway Child Themes Parent Theme Gets 3.2.2 Makeover

After initial delays of the rebuilt Headway 3 and even more lengthy delays getting the Headway child themes released, it seems that this parent finally has it’s family under a bit more control. This month, we have witnessed a lot of action within the Headway household. Most recently, is the release of the latest and greatest Headway version 3.2.2.

The Headway theme is a drag and drop framework that can be used as a stand alone theme or for Headway child themes and powered by WordPress. You can build any layout you can think of, customize any page, add colors, fonts, and more; all with the power of the Headway theme and it’s Visual Editor.

With this new version release, Headway themes only made one new addition which adds a reminder alert at the top of the updates page to enter your license key in order to receive the automatic updates.

You should want to keep your Headway child themes parent up to date. Keeping your WordPress themes up to date adds an additional layer to ensuring that your WordPress website does not offer an open door to any major security risks. Using and adding the license information is quick and easy and had been added in an earlier 3.2 version release.

Navigate to to your WordPress admin area and select options under the Headway theme menu. Then under the “General” tab, simply add your license to the theme settings. You can always find your license key in your Headway themes member area.

Headway Child Themes Parent Theme Options

Changes Made to the Headway Child Themes Parent

This Headway theme version update also includes six changes. Changes were made in the blocks, navigation, admin, thumbnails, fonts and the block API areas.

The Headway developers decided re-add the overflow: hidden; to all blocks. They also do not expect this to change again.

To be able to better calculate the position of sub menus, Headway developers is using the Headway superfish script applying outerHeight() and outerWidth() instead of using what was used in the older versions which was width() and height().

The Headway guys just decided to hide the WordPress Customizer functionality, since the WordPress theme customizer functionality does not apply to Headway,

In order to provide better quality and resizing of post thumbnails, this version of Headway now uses the full post thumbnail image for cropped post thumbnails.

A new HeadwayFonts class has been introduced to allow registering of fonts in the Visual Editor and paving the way for Google font integration in the near future.

Blocks API:
Option input callbacks now fire in the grid mode.

Headway Child Themes Parent Theme Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the PHP error that occasionally showed up in panel-editor.php
  • Fixed the gzip error that would show up when the zlib.output_compression was on
  • Some of the issues regarding mirrored blocks in the Manage and Design modes have been addressed.
  • The color picker behavior has been improved.

Creating a great web design has never been faster or more flexible than when using Headway and the newly introduced Headway blocks and child themes. Take full control over your WordPress website. You can click here to get this upgrade or purchase this Headway child themes parent theme today.


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