Headway Update

Headway Child Themes Really DO Exist!

Headway Child ThemesWell, the Headway Child Themes are finally here and we are very excited here at the Child Theme Store to officially help the guys over at Headway with their grand opening!

As you may or may not have known, the guys had planned for the opening of Headway Extend for last Wednesday. Wouldn’t you know it, WordPress pushed out 3.4 right at the same time. Worse yet, the guys over at WordPress decided to add a few things that the Headway guys missed. This being the case, the child themes had to put on hold (yet again) while they made some last minute adjustments to the marketplace and to Headway 3.2. Other news also includes that with the new marketplace comes an entirely new back-end membership area for Headway customers.

The Good News is that the Headway Child Themes are HERE!

You can find the Headway Child Themes marketplace by clicking the link to the Headway website and then in the navigation at the top of the Headway site, click on “Extend”. Once in the Extend area, you will see Headway products broken down into two areas on the left hand side of the screen. One for themes* and one for blocks.

This first product release contains 3 new child themes and 4 blocks, and is just the beginning. Headway plans to release more on a regular basis. Rumor has it that there should be some new themes and blocks released within the next few weeks. (No offense Headway guys, but we all hope that you all don’t run into any more scheduling issues and can push out some great stuff for us on a regular schedule).

*UPDATE: It was brought to our attention that HeadwayThemes removed the child themes area. The Block area continues to grow.

We have also been told that the Headway community has produced some pretty amazing add-ons too, which will also be available. Here at the Child Theme Store and at Headway, I would imagine, we are very excited to see the community getting involved in developing the additional products, especially child themes, for Headway. I am sure that having contributions from their users is totally amazing and very rewarding for Headway to see.

New Look to Headway Site Beyond

Going back to the Headway website you are also going to notice some changes. The guys told me that they wanted to wanted to better highlight the amazing features and benefits of what Headway offers. So, in addition to the new Headway Child Theme marketplace, Blocks and membership area in the back-end, they have been working on some new short and to the point videos showing the features of Headway.

On behalf of Headway, the Child Theme Store would like to thank all of you for your patience while the guys over at Headway had been working hard to bring you the new themes and blocks. We realize you all have been waiting a really long time.

Quick Look at the Headway Child Themes

Can’t wait to see what all of the new Headway themes look like? We encourage you to take a sneak peek on our Headway Child Themes page in the Child Theme Store.


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