Headway Child Themes

Headway Child Themes Scheduled to be Released

Headway Child ThemesWhat Happened to Headway and the Headway Child Themes?

The anxious arrival and release of the new Headway parent theme has certainly had a few bumps. Although the bumps exist, I believe the Headway Themes development team had done right, by sticking to their hard launch date – ready or not. I’m told that Headway Themes has received some great input from the community allowing them to “make headway” (you got the pun, right?) with leveling out and removing the remaining bumps in the new Headway framework.

If you have been following Headway Themes and their new theme framework news at all, then you know that their update schedule has been quite agressive. The next version, if it is not already, is about to be released (3.0.4 as of this post). I am told that over the next few weeks we are to expect even more changes with some of the frequently requested 2.0 features being added back into the 3+ releases. The re-added features won’t be exactly the same but will be enhanced with some features that the new Headway 3+ can accommodate. I am looking forward to that.

I heard that there will also be some free Blocks available – not to mention others that will be available for purchase. The Blocks are being made available as a separate download because this gives us users better control over only using what we really want and need for our sites. Rest assured, additional Blocks will be released on a regular basis and they will be easy to load and activate. WoooWho!

Arrival Date for the Headway Child Themes

That brings us to the Headway Child Themes… which we are all still awaiting (patiently but ecstatically). Rumor has it that the Headway Theme teams have been delaying getting them out to avoid too many buggy issues regarding the API and ensuring the API acts as expected and up to it’s expected level. I guess overall, that is probably the best plan of action. I am also told that the guys plan to release a selection of free child themes.

And don’t forget about all of the 3rd party developers… According to Grant Griffiths, co-founder of Headway Themes, some of the 3rd party developers child themes are way cool. The child themes themselves rock but some of the developers are planning to spoil us and are even building in custom Blocks designed to work specifically with their child themes. How cool is that? I am guessing that the next few weeks will be bursting with fresh new child themes and Blocks. I am tempted to hold my breath but I will settle for anxiously awaiting the Headway Child Themes to add to my Headway framework and tools with which to build great sites for myself, my friends and my clients.

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