Meet the Parents

As you likely know, every child needs a parent – and so it is with the themes in the Child Theme Store. Every child theme needs a parent theme. If you have not already picked the perfect child theme, then it might be a good idea to determine which type of parent theme you prefer for your foundation or framework. And like real-life parenting, each parent theme goes about doing their jobs differently than the next.

If you have already picked out your child theme, then be sure that you have the correct parent theme in order to allow your child theme to function. Without the right parent theme, the child theme will not work.

Pricing and packaging of child themes in the Child Theme Store will vary according to the business model of each of the parent and/or child theme creators. Child themes may not always be available for individual purchase.

WordPress + Parent Theme + Child Theme = a great website family.

The “website family” is the minimum requirement for each child theme in the Child Theme Store to function.