Patterned Builder Child Theme

Patterned Child Theme for Builder

Patterned Child Theme by iThemesPatterned Child Theme is the 51st iThemes Builder Child Theme Released

Patterned child theme was designed and described as a simple child theme perfect for those looking for a hand-crafted look and feel. Although the initial version was the creation of Cody Smith from iThemes, Justin Kopepasah – also from iThemes, put on the finishing touches and pushed out the official release of iThemes 51st Builder child theme. Justin’s expertise with CSS gives this theme the touch of class that can typically be found in all the iThemes themes. It is comforting to know that as more and more child themes are released for Builder that the team at iThemes and all of the other independent Builder child theme developers are making forward strides with improvements as they continue to offer these great themes.

The Patterned Child Theme Details

Patterned incorporates a neat font called Rancho from the Google Web Font collection. By using Rancho within this child theme post and widget titles, the developers added a little extra flair and attention to this basically neutral gray colored theme. This touch of an interesting font is used for each of the heading tags throughout the theme. Other interesting uses of font changes take place when using the blockquote function within posts. The blockquote text is italicized and reflects a wider spacing between letters making it comfortable and easy to read.

Widget areas within Patterned child theme have a complimentary soft gray background color. These widget areas are also adorned with a simple yet somewhat elegant graphic consisting of 2 thin lines. When applied in the sidebars, the graphic separates the widgets within any given widget area. Other details include dashed borders that provide the appearance of stitching and a plaid patterned background that softly compliments the rest of this theme’s subtle features.

Patterned is a Builder child theme. All Builder child themes come with the standard, yet powerful, layout editor and Style Manager plugin provided in the iThemes Builder parent theme. The layout editor allows you to easily customize the layout and the included Style Manager plugin lets you add custom style changes to your site without having to know anything about code.

The Child Theme Store is happy to add Patterned child theme to it’s long and growing list of child themes that are now available for the iThemes Builder parent theme. It is nice to have the variety of so many available options to offer our clients and visitors. If you have never used Builder parent theme before it can likely be the last theme you will ever need. You will find that Builder and a child theme will be able to continue to grow right alongside your business.

From the stay-at-home blogging mom to the business looking for a softer, more subtle design, Patterned child theme is a great choice for your next Builder child theme.


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